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This contract (the "Contract of use of Mingamos platform") between on one side, Mingamos, hereinafter Mingamos, and on the other, the user subscriber thereof, establishes and regulates the terms and conditions of use of the site web and Mingamos ( platform Mingamos property, which are indicated below:


1 Scope of terms of use

These terms of use are responsible for regulating the services offered by Mingamos for Mingamos platform. Through its web site, which can be hired by anyone provided it complies with all the terms set out in this term commonly used; document available at all times for reading, downloading and printing on the website of MINGAMOS,


2 Description of Service

The services provided correspond to the judicial handling of the name change, through the application generated online, following the information provided in accordance with the forms contained in the page. Mingamos is a SaaS platform (Software as a Service) management projects based on volunteers, which integrates a web platform and mobile application, automating activities such as monitoring the activities of members of organizations, collaboration between the coordinator and volunteers and others, records of activities carried out, important notes about each project and reporting on the activities undertaken by volunteers. This last feature is directly connected to the mobile application.

Failure to accept the terms and conditions of use of Mingamos service user should not use in any case the services provided.

Mingamos reserves the right to update and modify the terms and conditions of use of the service when necessary for their development and / or its need to adapt to current standards. In either case, information about these changes will be made in the terms provided in the law of consumer protection and with notice to registered users. Continued use of the service after such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

3 License to use MINGAMOS

3.1 In the registration process, the user must provide their full name, a valid email address and any other information required to complete the registration process. Of course, the user agrees to deliver valid, truthful and accurate information in the registration process and subsequent uses of the service.

3.2 MINGAMOS grants the user a non-exclusive personal and nontransferable license to use the platform, only under the terms and conditions set forth in these terms of use.

3.3 If the user does not agree with the content of the terms and conditions of service shall refrain from making use of the services offered by MINGAMOS.

3.4 The use of MINGAMOS only allowed the user properly registered, understood as a human being, not as registered by "bots" or other automated methods accounts which are not allowed.

3.5 The user will refrain from making copies, disclosing or allowing third party access to MINGAMOS, and will not allow its use by third parties unrelated to normal operation of judicial management.

3.6 You may not sublet and / or obtain monetary benefits from the use of MINGAMOS.

3.7 The login may only be used by one person - one single sign shared by multiple people is not permitted.

3.8 The user is responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password. MINGAMOS can not and will not be liable for any loss or damage of any breach of this safety requirement. Each user is responsible for the operations performed during a login under your account and password.

3.9 You may not use the service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. The user must not use the service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction or any applicable jurisdiction MINGAMOS

4 Intellectual Property MINGAMOS platform

4.1 MINGAMOS platform created by MINGAMOS, who retain all intellectual property rights, or any other on the platform, which may not be subsequently modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by the user.

4.2 The structure, features, codes, working methods, information systems, development tools, methodologies, processes, technologies or algorithms of the platform are owned by MINGAMOS and are protected by Chilean standards according to the National Institute of private intellectual property Chile (INAPI), and may not be subsequently modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by the user.

4.3 In addition, all manuals, texts, drawings, graphics, databases, videos or referral audio or complementing the platform (hereinafter "associated materials") are owned by MINGAMOS and can not be subsequently modified copy, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the user.

4.4 The making available to the user of the platform and associated materials does not in any case the transfer of ownership or the granting of a right of use for the user other than the provisions of these terms and conditions of use from service.

4.5 Therefore, any use is strictly prohibited by the user of the platform or associated materials without the authorization of MINGAMOS, including its use, reproduction, distribution, transformation, distribution, transmission by any means, subsequent publication, exhibition public communication or total or partial representation, which, if any, constitute violations of the rights of intellectual property MINGAMOS sanctioned by law.


5 Content Ownership

5.1 MINGAMOS declares that all information contained on the user's profile is ownership. Therefore it is the responsibility of the user, this information is not unduly affect the rights of intellectual property of others, freeing from and to MINGAMOS from any responsibility for the contents of the user to generate or enter in any way, in your user account.

5.2 The user liable for any damages MINGAMOS and other customers MINGAMOS or third parties may suffer as a result of a breach by the user of any obligations in relation to the content itself, and hold harmless MINGAMOS against any claims that may you be filed about the above, agreeing to pay the amounts that by any concept MINGAMOS can come bound to satisfy. For the user resulting bound by the terms of this clause, MINGAMOS (a) be notified in writing of the claim, demand, suit or proceeding, (b) provide the user with all reasonable assistance, as they relate to inform judicial or administrative authority over the functionality of the service.

6 Conditions of use of the platform MINGAMOS

6.1 MINGAMOS platform will be accessible only by those users for whom MINGAMOS assigned and the password provided services.

6.2 The user may only use MINGAMOS in accordance with the purposes set out in this term and conditions of service. A example and not limitation, expressly it prohibits the user to use MINGAMOS need for the following purposes: exploitation, reproduction, distribution, transformation, distribution, transmission by any media, further publication, exhibition, public communication or total representation or part of the application. Allowing the enjoyment of services or access to the user MINGAMOS to different people. Perform any action that may result in modifications, adjustments, damage or changes in MINGAMOS. Treat information or data that are considered illegal, offensive, slanderous, libelous, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, obscene, abusive, threatening or discriminatory. Treat information or data containing viruses, Trojans, or any other elements that may cause damage or alterations to MINGAMOS.

In general, any type of offensive activity against the public order, morals and laws.

7 Price and payment

7.1 Once the user has paid the agreed price, MINGAMOS, it will begin steps leading to the name change, and will give the use of these services under the terms and conditions of this contract. You may not request reimbursement payment service, not to host the respective court application for name change, unless such opposition has been due for negligence in the processing of the application.

8 Use Policy

8.1 The user acknowledges MINGAMOS features and services that are the subject of this contract and that they fit your needs. In no event shall MINGAMOS responsible to the user or third parties for any damages, including lost profits, lost profits, lost savings or any damage arising as a result of their use, or for any similar damage, with the use of the platform risk of the user.

8.2 MINGAMOS maintain the confidentiality and security of information provided by the user for the service charge, as expressed in the law 19.628 on protection of personal data.

9 Warranty on the platform

9.1 In particular, you agree that the platform is provided "as presented".

9.2 To make use of the license granted on the platform, the user must comply at all times, among others, obligations: Use the platform in accordance with the provisions laid down in manuals; Having a PC, Notebook or any other device that contains a web browser connected to the Internet with a connection speed acceptable; Perform control access to the application in order to avoid manipulation by unauthorized or inexpert persons; And any other reasonable preventive measure application.

9.3 In no case may the user claim compensation for damages caused by reasons beyond the control of MINGAMOS and in particular, by the interruption or failures of any kind produced. In telecommunications networks; In the interconnection elements; as well as the equipment and user terminals.

9.4 MINGAMOS performs daily backups of databases of their systems, and keep them on servers meet the highest safety standards. You may request a copy of your information to our management at the time you want, prior cancellation of services rendered and provided is up to date with the payment of your subscription. MINGAMOS not responsible for loss of data on the server caused by own system users, updates or damage caused by third-party servers or unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure understood the not attributable to the parties event and could not be foreseen or that may be foreseen is inevitable and such that prevents compliance with the obligation on the servers and / or content offered on the services provided by MINGAMOS. It is your responsibility to keep a backup of your information and is also your responsibility to keep under its guard usernames and passwords for the access to the platform.

9.5 You understand that MINGAMOS uses third party services like hosting, software, networking, storage and technology needed to run the service described in these terms and conditions.

9.6 MINGAMOS not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or currency of the information offered on third party sites, being obligation of the user to ensure the respect of official sources cited. Similarly, neither it has any responsibility in the misuse of the information the site contains can be effected. Finally, there is no guarantee that the functional aspects of third party websites are free of error or other harmful component.


10 Adaptations or new versions of MINGAMOS

Updates and new versions are designed to improve the quality and service that gives its users MINGAMOS. New versions correspond to bug fixes, new features, adapting the platform to new versions of Internet browsers, mobile versions, among others. MINGAMOS not be obliged to give notice of such changes to the user. If the changes involve new functions or services that must be paid to MINGAMOS or any third party outside of the previously agreed, you will be notified user about it previously before hiring such services, saying its conditions before it is realized.

11 Duration and termination of services and license

The contractual relationship regulated in this contract shall take effect from the time the user makes the payment thereof and end when MINGAMOS has filled up the sentence pronounced on the name change, or the user decides to terminate the service, this without prejudice to the provisions of this agreement for the withdrawal thereof, of the request for refunds or cancellation of service set out in paragraph 7 of the same, as well as other related clauses in these terms and conditions. Such interruption will be announced to the user with adequate and reasonable notice stating the reasons for which it is made.

12 Applicable Law

Any doubts and difficulties arising between the parties in connection with this contract, its terms or agreements, whether those doubts or difficulties relating to their existence or non-existence, validity or invalidity, performance or breach, enforcement, interpretation, execution or termination or any other direct or indirectly with them related matters, will be resolved by an arbitrator arbitrator who will premunity of the broadest powers, who have a period of six months to fulfill its responsibilities and act without trial, against whose no appeal resolutions, to which the parties expressly waive this acto.- to hold office, the parties shall agree on the person of the arbitrator. If within 10 working days of being requested in writing one part to the other for the appointment by mutual agreement of the referee, no such agreement takes place, he will be appointed referee with equal powers, by any court with jurisdiction in the national territory of the Court of Appeals of Santiago on duty when requested appointment. The parties state that the arbitrator is especially empowered to resolve all matters related to its competence and / or jurisdiction

13 Refund Policy

Before considering subscribing to MINGAMOS, you acknowledge and accept the conditions offered by MINGAMOS; without prejudice becomes effective guarantee for the user satisfaction which will operate in the event that does not suit your needs.


14 Communication with the support team

The means available for technical assistance and consultations on the contracted service will be via consultations help, in the form of phone call or email, at the option within the platform. If the system is inactive by default, this option is disabled.

MINGAMOS reserves the right to limit requests for help care consultations included in the agreed price.

MINGAMOS will notify the user by email if you make use of that right. The support area via consultations help will be answered Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs. (GMT -4: 00). holidays officially recognized by the state of Chile are excluded.


15 Communication with the team pre and post sales

Consultations administrative nature of pre or post sale must be sent via email to INFO@MINGAMOS.COM and will be served Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs (GMT -4: 00). holidays officially recognized by the state of Chile are excluded.